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Since 1938, Milligan Reynolds has been handling title searches, closings, and title insurance in the Chattanooga area. When you are looking to close on a home or business property and need to protect yourself with title insurance, Milligan Reynolds is the title company you can trust. Whether you need title insurance in Tennessee or title insurance in Georgia, Milligan Reynolds can help. Their expert team can partner with you to provide answers to your questions and to give you peace of mind knowing that once your purchase is complete, you are protected from any prior claims related to the property. When you choose Milligan Reynolds you can rest assured that they will help you close the deal with confidence.

For more information about why you need title insurance or for general closing information, call Milligan Reynolds today.

How Our Title Company Can Help

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The purchase of a new home or a piece of property is at the top of the list when it comes to the substantial personal investments an individual or couple makes during their lifetime. Let our Chattanooga title company and closing agency help you today.

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Ensuring clear title through a licensed title company is crucial for any commercial property transaction. Issues related to right-of-way, liens and leases can cause major delays and potential litigation that can be frustrating and costly for buyers. Call our Chattanooga title company today for more information.

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For over 75 years, clients have been choosing us for their title insurance and real estate closing needs. Financial strength and stability is just one of the reasons why. We can give you eleven more reasons why you should choose Milligan-Reynolds Guaranty Title Agency Inc, your trusted Chattanooga title company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I look for in a Title Search?

Contact our Chattanooga title company for the listing of current legal owner, mortgages, liens, taxes and assessments, property leases or easements.

Am I Required to Buy Title Insurance Before Real Estate Closing?

You are not required to purchase title insurance for yourself, but your lender may require a lenders policy.

What Will my Title Insurance Cost?

Title insurance rates vary from state to state and are calculated on several factors, including location and type of policy.