12 Reasons to Hire Our Chattanooga Title Company

For over 75 years clients have been choosing us. Financial strength and stability is just one of the reasons why. We can give you eleven more reasons why you should choose Milligan-Reynolds Guaranty Title Agency Inc. as your preferred Chattanooga title company.

  1. Financial Strength & Stability
    We represent First American Title Insurance Company which is known world-wide and has an established reputation for financial strength unequaled by any other title insurance company.
  2. Over 75 Years of Trusted Agency
    Milligan-Reynolds Guaranty Title Inc. was founded in 1938 with its home office located at its present address of 724 Cherry Street in Chattanooga since that time. Key employees of Milligan-Reynolds have been with the company for periods of 20 to 40 years.
  3. Mobile Closings
    We offer our clients the ultimate in convenience by offering mobile, plus the option of a remote location that offers greater accessibility to the parties involved.
  4. Meeting the Highest Industry Standards
    Milligan-Reynolds Guaranty Title Inc. is fully compliant with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPD) rules and regulations and follows best practices outlined by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).
  5. Multi-State Services
    Although our base is in Tennessee, our title services are not limited to this geographical area. We are also licensed to provide title insurance services for real estate in Tennessee and Georgia.
  6. Over 100,000 Closings
    Real estate laws and filing procedures are complex and continually changing. Would you rather work with a closing company that only has experience dealing with a handful of scenarios or one that has successfully dealt with almost every issue that can arise as part of a closing transaction?
  7. Attorneys on Staff
    In addition to the experienced escrow agents, closers, commercial underwriters and title examiners, Milligan-Reynolds Guaranty Title Agency Inc. has its own attorneys on staff, specializing in real estate law.
  8. Commercial and Residential Experience
    Commercial and residential real estate transactions and titles each have their own set of complexities. Our Chattanooga title company as extensive experience in both areas, able to serve both your personal and business related needs.
  9. Customer Centered Service
    Reducing stress through clear and frequent communication is one way that we simplify the process and develop the strong trust level we have with the people we serve. This is true with property owners, as well as the real estate, banking and legal professional we work with.
  10. Strong Professional Relationships
    With decades of experience behind us, Milligan-Reynolds Guaranty Agency Title Inc. has developed strong relationships and a high level of confidence within the professional banking, legal and real estate communities.
  11. Clear Communication
    One of the key components to building trust is clear and thorough communication. Keeping clients and professionals informed and taking time to answer their questions are trademarks of our customer centered service.
  12. Speedy Closings
    We know time is one of your most valuable commodities. With our combined years of experience, we have developed a smooth closing process that is both thorough and efficient.